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Dr. Brian Heinen, Sr.


Were you ever led by a humble man? The charisma of Dr. Brian Heinen, Sr. is his ability to walk with conviction down the right path and to offer words of practical wisdom when necessary. Dr. Brian is a moral leader in his own family, private medical clinic, and hometown. In his forty-three years of medical practice, the towns people of Eunice never wondered where their family practice doctor stood on his duties to God and family: present in the church every Sunday with his cherished wife, six sons and only daughter, cheering the Friday night football games, and calling people to pro-life action in the local newspaper speaks volumes to all who know him. His words carry weight because he understands the burden of life, literally running his way through college on a track scholarship before finally graduating from LSU Medical School of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1970. It is his respect for the dignity of every human person, from conception to natural death, that most imbues his personal and professional life, most notably impacting his doctor-patient relations. Charged as with a mission, Dr. Brian and his six sons set out to change the history of medical care so that no patient ever suffers exploitation through unjust structures in our society. Dr. Brian believes that every patient deserves the right to be treated in accord with their human dignity and that fact alone is one of the many reasons he is cherished by all who come to know him.




Dr. Jade Heinen


Dr. Jade is fourth in line of the Heinen brothers to become a medical physician. He took advantage of his homeschooling years to hunt and fish, nearly winning state in piano competition, only to break his hand after being awarded all-state defensive end in high school football. Dr. Jade and his wife, Emily have four children in Catholic school. Presently, Dr. Jade works side by side with his father as a family practice physician at Heinen Medical Clinic where he runs a cutting edge wellness program, continuously finding new technology to help improve patient care. Dr. Jade seeks to advance health care by eliminating wasteful spending and by increasing access to medical technology that helps prevent rising costs in medical care. He exudes the kindness and compassion that we all look for in a family physician and his undying loyalty and love for his beautiful family is exceptional, if not unprecedented.


Jessica Lebleu, Office Manager


Jessica is one of the two women who carry the title of Office Manager at Heinen Medical. She has been a very dedicated employee for a total of 7 years.


She graduated high school at Eunice High and has been married to her husband, Danny for 5 years. Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, especially her adorable 11 year old son, Karson. She also enjoys shopping with friends and crafting.


Jessica is very hard working, reliable and trustworthy. With such attributes as these, it’s no wonder she does an exemplary job in keeping Heinen Medical running smooth.




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Jessica LaFleur, Office Manager


Jessica LaFleur graduated from Eunice High and attended LSUE and Acadiana Career College. She is very professional, dependable, skilled and communicative. She is focused, productive and one of the hardest working employees of Heinen Medical. She is head of the billing department and aids Jessica Lebleu in managing the office. Jessica is a very proud mother of two beautiful teenage girls, Ryan who is 17 years old; a senior at Eunice High and Bailey 15 years old who also attends Eunice High. Jessica loves being outdoors playing softball with her girls, gardening, reading and hanging out with Grizzly, her beloved Rottweiler.


Jessica has been employed at Heinen Medical for almost three years and is a true asset to the function of the business as a whole.


Amanda M. Treadway, Physician Billing Clerk


In 1991 Amanda graduated from Port Sulphur High School. She and her husband have been married for 20 years and have two boys together. Amanda has been a part of the Heinen Medical family for two and a half years as the physician billing clerk. When she isn’t busy with the constant demands of her position, Amanda enjoys spending her free time with her family. She tends to be reserved yet there is no denying her sense of humor and there is rarely a day that you leave the clinic without laughing along to one of her jokes.  Amanda is kind, soft hearted, loyal, and attentive. Without even having to ask, here is no doubt that her greatest treasures are her children, Brennan and Caden.


Anne Blumrich, Medical Assistant


Anne is the fourth of eight children and was homeschooled from elementary through high school. She’s the mother of a very rambunctious three year old boy who never ceases to leave her filled with wonder and self-fulfillment. Anne and her son, Liam Bennett are attached at the hip and enjoy a wide range of things from building forts, playing all things sports related to making homemade pancakes and drawing (or attempting to draw) air planes and cars that go, “fast, fast!” However, when her son isn't with her she can usually be spotted with her two younger sisters or with her nose in a book.


Anne started working at Heinen Medical the summer of 2013 as a medical assistant and is currently the private wellness technician.


She states that she started working here because she was looking for a family oriented business with employers who understand hard work and pride themselves on virtue and self-betterment. When asked what she has gained from working at Heinen Medical, Anne responded with:


“Truly there are many things that this job has taught me both professionally and personally. But I think the biggest thing would have to be that there is always room for more. More understanding for people, more room to learn and grow in your job and personal life. There is always room for being open to change, for more commitment, for more enthusiasm. For more togetherness, for pushing yourself forward every day and realizing that there should be no limitations of yourself. This job has given me a lot of empathy for people and has softened my heart when my instinct was to judge.”


She states that she has the utmost respect for the Heinen family and is grateful to them and to her coworkers for giving her the chance to become a better version of herself.



TanzyRhines, Medical Assistant


A 2006 graduate of Eunice High and 2010 graduate of Remington College, Tanzy has been at Heinen Medical for nearly three years as a medical assistant. She is a woman of integrity, always present with a smile on her face and always willing to stop what she is doing to help another person. Tanzy is a full time mother of three children, Ciona  (7), Raleigh (6) and Kohl who just turned a year old. Tanzy enjoys all things revolving around her family and friends. When asked what positive attributes she has gained from working at Heinen Medical, Tanzy replied, “As a MA, I have not only benefited myself but I have learned to be thankful and appreciative of many things. Patient enhancement and satisfaction are my top priorities.”  Patients that come in contact with her can attest to that statement.


Heinen Medical Clinic -  151 Leon Avenue, Eunice, LA 70535 -  337-457-8166


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